Write What You Want, But Write with Passion

Don’t do it to get views and reads

Do you ever pick a topic to write about because you think it could go viral? Do you write about subjects you have no interest in or any experience to speak of?

Okay - so maybe you’re not thinking of virality. How about making money? Do you ever write about something because you think it will make you money?

I did, and I bet a lot of you are doing it. Isn’t that what all the internet gurus are telling us to do?

“Pick a niche. Find high-performing articles on Buzzsumo. Check for interest on Google Adwords. See what others are doing and put your own spin on it.”

Is it working or are the walls of the internet whitewashed with crappy duplicate content? How many blogs are writing about the same old boring topics?

Isn’t it time for a change?

Along came Medium

Medium came along and gave writers a place where they could be free to write about whatever they wanted. Also, they could make money. Lot’s of it.

Before this, you picked a niche for your blog that could make money. Then you spent the next few years writing about stuff you had no interest in writing about. If you prayed to the gods of Pinterest and Google enough, people would come and read. A few would click on an ad or buy one of your products if you were lucky.

If you could keep this up long enough, and not get burned out writing the same old crap — day in, day out — you could hope to make some money.

But Medium!

You don’t have to pick a niche. You can write about what you find valuable. Yes, some subjects perform better than others, but the field is wide. If people read, you get paid. Yes, it takes time to start making money. In the beginning, it can be frustrating trying to figure out the algorithms.

But, if we keep writing, our earnings go up — first a few dollars, then hundreds of dollars! Some are even making thousands! There is no glass ceiling. There are no limitations! The only thing holding a person back is how hard we are willing to work.

I’m not always a Medium cheerleader. I get discouraged at times. But, that’s normal!

Write as often as you can. If you publish your best work, you may get curated. If you get curated, your story will get distributed to a wider audience. Curation isn’t the holy grail, but it helps.

Build a few true fans. Build a tribe of people who consistently read, clap, highlight, and comment. Engage with everyone and clap for what they write. Make friends! Make people want to read everything you publish daily.

Keep it up. Be consistent. Play the long game. Medium is a marathon, not a sprint.

What is the secret to making money on Medium?

The secret of making money on Medium is the same as the secret of successful writing. Write well and write about topics that you want to write and your tribe wants to read.

How can writing what you want help you to be successful?

If you are like me, when you have an interest in what you are creating, you get in a zone. The words flow free and effortlessly to the page, and everything seems to fall in place. Don’t you think the reader can sense that you care about a subject?

They can.

A reader can tell when you are going through the motions. I can write about writing and blogging with passion because it means something to me. What about you? Maybe Game of Thrones is your thing?

Image for post
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If you want to live in Westeros, write about it! I bet you find a lot of other GOT fans who would love to read your story.

Medium members are especially sophisticated. Their bullshit detectors are sensitive, and they know when you are writing about something hoping to cash in on a trend.

A while back, I saw how well some writers were doing writing about sex. I thought I would weigh in with my story, but the article tanked. Not only did the readers not want to hear of my sexual dysfunction, but they could tell I didn’t give a shit about the subject. No one interacted or engaged.

Lesson learned.

There have been other times I tried to cash in on a trend, but they all ended badly.

Write about what you know. Write with passion. Care about something enough to share your ideas with others. Don’t write to go viral. Write because you care and you want others to care as well. Write because you want to help others.

Write because you love writing. That is how you become successful.

If you write, write about what interests you. When you write about what interests you, write with hunger and passion.

It’s as simple as that.

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