Wishing for More Will Leave You Empty and Unfulfilled

Practice gratitude in everything you do

Jason Weiland


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Today I noticed a disturbing truth in the way we humans live our lives. It is a fundamental flaw in how we interact with everything around us and the people we have chosen to love.

It all started by looking at my own life choices and then considering the alternative paths my wife has walked. After that, I dug around on Google, snooped into other people’s stories, and came up with a disquieting trend.

It doesn’t matter how much money, love, power, or luck we have or how much we have accomplished — most of us will never find satisfaction or feel fulfilled in our lifetimes.

Why are we always looking at the greener grass on the other side of the fence? How many times have you seen the meme that says, “Remember when you wished for what you have now,” and ignored it because it didn’t apply to you?

Why are we always wishing for more and different and are never satisfied with the reality that we have created out of life’s chaos?

Why is more never enough?

I Was Never Happy with Anything I Had

I was searching for most of my young adult life, and as hard as I looked for something to make my life have meaning, I never woke up enough to realize I had what I wanted all along.

I had a wife who loved me, but I ignored her. I had kids who thought I was the best dad in the world, but I didn’t spend time with them because I was always working to buy things we didn’t need and nobody wanted.

I was poor but walked through life with all the privileges my white skin and sense of entitlement could give me. I had opportunities that many others didn’t, but I ignored them and complained about what I didn’t have.

I wanted more and different.

Yes, my life was difficult. I had a severe illness to deal with, but there was more going on than being sick. Instead of taking responsibility for what was happening to me, I tried to find a place or a person to lay the blame on. I cursed the religion I grew up in for making me weak. I screamed against the unfairness of growing up impoverished and…



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