Will AI, Quantum Computing, and the Cloud Help Humankind, or Harm Them?

We cannot give in to fear of technology

Jason Weiland


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This article was first written and published on Medium on May 13, 2019. I republished it because right now, the internet is on fire with the release of ChatGPT and other AIs that are changing the way we do everything, from searching the internet to creating copy for websites.

It’s easy to see that AI will change the world, but are you dreading the future where AI could possibly take over the world, or are you like me and see a positive future where AI will help humankind with everything from creating cures to diseases, to solving the problem of world hunger?

Depending on who you talk to, technology is either the best thing to happen to humankind or the future downfall of capitalism and the world as we know it. People watch movies and wonder if artificial intelligence will rule the world or birth the next terminator. The media frightens the working class with tales of machines that will take all the available jobs and leave us begging in the streets.

Technology increases exponentially. It’s no secret that machines and computers will take over some of the things that humans have traditionally done. But what most don’t realize is that technology will create newer and better opportunities — more than any it seeks to replace.

What if work as we know it could be done by machines, and humans were left to live their lives with a universal basic income, so they could pursue interests like art and music?

The cloud has already made it possible for businesses to access computing power they wouldn’t normally be able to afford. It’s possible for a company to run software in the cloud on a high-speed server and service their customers. In the past, that kind of access would be out of reach for most.

But how will technology like quantum computing and artificial intelligence work with the cloud? How will it ensure that business is always working at the speed of light?

The Future of Quantum Computing and the Cloud

Quantum Computing (QC) is much more powerful than traditional computing because it taps into the power of quantum



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