Why Do Guys Send Unsolicited Dick Pics?

Solicited ones are another matter altogether

You might be wondering why I care if other men send pictures of their privates to unwilling women? Why am I even thinking about this subject?

I’ve been active on Twitter again. One of the main complaints I see on my feed from women is the number of peen shots that are sent from men the women do not know.

I’ve never personally sent a picture of my jewels to anyone, even if asked for specifically. I want to understand this process because it boggles my mind that a man would think that this is acceptable behavior.

I asked people on Twitter to help me in my research for this article because my mind wasn’t imaginative enough to fabricate reasons why this happens. The response was good, and a few of the reasons the Tweeps came up with were:

  • Men are pigs!
  • These men are narcissists!
  • It turns them on — exhibitionists.
  • They think it makes them edgy.
  • They are perverts — like a flasher in a trenchcoat.
  • They think showing their penis will attract a woman.
  • They are arrogant.
  • They are insecure.
  • They lack social skills.
  • Hate — they are trolls.
  • They are uneducated and stupid.
  • They think it’s a joke.
  • One response was favorable.

I think this list could go on forever. It would have been nice if some more men had responded. It would have been great if an offender had admitted it and explained the whole thing.

Sadly that didn’t happen.

Is it true that men really think that this could happen:

I was scrolling through Twitter and saw a tweet from a woman talking about how lonely she is. Thinking that this was my chance, I immediately followed her. She followed back, so I knew she was into me. I opened a direct message, dropped my underwear, and took a pic of my thingy. I was aroused because I could see a little side boob in her tiny profile picture. I sent it to her.

She immediately sent me a picture of her vagina and told me she was hoping I would make the first move. I’m going over to meet her now.

Guys! That will never happen! Most women don’t get turned on by looking at your manhood!

Up until now, I’ve made a big joke out of this whole issue, but let’s put ourselves in the woman’s shoes.

Don’t you understand that this is abusive to women? Don’t you think this could scare some women? Do you even know if this woman has been sexually assaulted and you might be triggering her?

Do you understand how scary it is to be a woman in this day and age?

I think a lot of guys will have an issue with me making such a big deal of this practice. After all, it’s all in fun, right? Can’t they take a joke? Everybody is so damn sensitive and politically correct these days! #MeToo ruined everything!

To most women, this is not fun, and it’s not a joke. It might be a different story if they had asked you to send a picture, but they didn’t. They were minding their own business, and out of the blue, you send them a picture of your penis.

Explain to me how that is intelligent behavior?

It’s not, and if the roles were reversed, it wouldn’t be acceptable for a woman to send an unsolicited vagina pic to you privately on Twitter.

But the roles are never reversed, are they?

The fact is, most guys think this is wrong as well. For me, I look at it this way:

How would I feel if a stranger sent a dick pic to my daughter? Would it be okay then?

But these guys don’t think about that. All they care about is that they are horny — and damn it — it’s a woman’s job to please them!

For me, this tweet said it all:

Damn right!

Men! We are better than this, aren’t we? I’m getting tired of being blamed for your bad behavior!

If this doesn’t change soon, the real mean will have to start revoking your man card!

Now, we wouldn’t want that, would we?

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