Who Says Swearing is Not Moral?

Because I do it all the time

Who doesn’t swear at some time during the day? The Pope? The Dalai Lama? No. The Dalai Lama is a laid-back dude. I bet if he stubs his toe on the way to the bathroom he yells, “FUCK!” like the rest of us.

As much as people like to act innocent, I know the most pious person in the world cusses out other drivers in traffic. I know the most bible-thumping evangelical says “SHIT!” when they spill their coffee.

Do you say you don’t swear? Why not?

“People who swear are stupid.”

Can’t they use other words? Aren’t there over 170, 000 words in the English language? Can’t they say anything else?

First off, who decides which words are vulgar? Do the people in charge pick random words and say they are dirty?

Oh, it’s society? Yeah. Society is never wrong

Besides, from what I understand, people who swear are more intelligent. Don’t believe me?

I see that people who swear are happier and more honest as well. Don’t believe me? Google it! 😁

“I’m religious. Godly people don’t swear.”

Who told you that certain words were bad to say? I don’t see anywhere in the bible where it says you shouldn’t say ass. Doesn’t the bible say “ass” many times?

Where is “fuck” in the bible? Oh, the priest told you that you couldn’t say it? Why do they have the authority to make certain words bad to say?

I’m sorry, but you can no longer say “Medium” because my friend in the sky told me that people who say the word are filthy. Please, don’t say Medium. I will get so offended that I’ll have to make a post on social media calling you ignorant for using the word.

See how silly that sounds?

“I’m a moral person. I don’t swear.”

Now we are getting somewhere! Up until this point I’ve had a lot of fun picking on people. I’ve been playing the devil’s advocate.

Photo by Максим Власенко on Unsplash

But even though I like to swear, would I want my 6-year-old swearing? As much as I would like to be open-minded, I don’t like the idea of my daughter saying, “fuck you!”

Is it society telling me it’s wrong? Maybe. Do I have a problem with it morally?

Again, maybe.

We all have our own moral code. Some people get it from the bible. There is nothing wrong with that. Even though I don’t put much stock in the bible myself, I have strong feelings about what I’ll allow my child to do.

I even put a limit on myself about what I will do. Would I go to my daughters’ school and swear at everyone? No, I wouldn’t. If I know someone gets offended by certain words, would I fire off swear words when I am talking to them? No.

So, what does that make me? A hypocrite?

No, it makes me respectful. It makes me empathetic. While I love to put swear words into my writing and my conversations, I only do it when someone has the choice not to listen to me. If I write the word “fuck” every other word, you have the right to click the browser’s back button and read something else. If you don’t like my conversation skills, you don’t have to talk to me.

If it involves someone like my kids or my family, they have no other choice but to interact with me. I’m not going to force them to listen to words they think are bad or vulgar.

I have more respect for others than that.

I know here on Medium we all are adults, and you all have a choice in what you read. I have no problem using swear words because I know if you get offended, you will read something else.

It’s as simple as that.

I do have a moral code. Mine is not as simple as saying “whatever God wants.” My morals vary with the situation and are shades of grey and blue. I’m not a simple person (and I’m not saying religious people are).

Even though I may be different from you, I am not going to force my way of thinking on to you. If you don’t like the word “fuck,” don’t say it or write it.

Are you going to change my mind because you get offended? No.

We can’t still be friends, right?

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