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And I thought I was doing so well

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I’ve spent the morning writing for Medium and working on my new blog. After lunch, I thought I would take a little siesta and catch up on my reading. After all, in February, I published 27 stories! I deserve a break, right?

No, I don’t!

I came across a story from my friend Shaunta Grimes where she talked about her earnings and output for the month. It turns out; she published over 80 stories in February! What the hell? She also made over ten times what I made for the month.

I think I’m not doing something right.

What I’m doing right

I need to celebrate for a moment my little victory. I did go from 13 published stories in January to 27 in February. That is cause for celebration! I probably would have written more if I had not been working on my new blog.

The blog — Blogooroo | The Blogging Guru — is soft-launched right now. I had to make it live because there were a few affiliate programs I am trying to get approved for and they needed a live website. I only have four posts published but am working diligently on more.

I am also working on my lead magnet, so I don’t have an opt-in form for my email list yet.

But, getting back to Medium, I did improve my output and figure out a few things about my writing process that needed to change.

I’ve increased the speed at which I write, so I can produce much more work in a day. I’ve never been a quick typist. It is my Achilles heel.

I’ve proven it to myself that I can work harder and faster. Now it’s up to me to take it to the next level.

What I still need to do

My goal for March is to more than double the number of quality stories I publish to 60. As I said, they will be my best work.

I learned something in just the past few days that helped me a bit. I’ve figured out that the stories that do the best are the ones I don’t plan. They are the ones I write when I am in the zone. I come up with a topic and write — whether its 750 words or 2500.

Hell, I’m a pantser. I should have figured that out by now.

I am going to stop overthinking this whole process. The only thing I know for sure about Medium is that I don’t know a fucking thing. I can’t hack the algorithm. I can’t trick people into becoming fans.

If it happens, it happens. The only thing I can control is how much I publish, and how good each of the pieces are.

I have a shit-ton of confidence and motivation. Thank Gary Vaynerchuk for lighting a fire under my ass. This is the video that did it:

Hell yeah! Am I right?

I have a lot more time than I thought. A lot can happen in one year, in five. Who says I won’t be earning what I want in a few years, or even in a few months! Who says the success I’ve wanted all my life won’t come to me in 2019? Who is to say that if I kick my own ass, I can’t accomplish everything I’ve always wanted in a short period.

Who is telling me I can’t do it?

Nobody is telling me that. I tell myself, and I need to stop that shit right now!

All of us — writers, authors, bloggers, freelancers — we need to stop with the overthinking and the negative thoughts. Some of you I know are as old, if not older than me. We can do this. We can put our stake in the sand and commit that from this time forward, we will do whatever we have to do to be the success we finally deserve!

We have the time! We are smart! We have every tool we need at our disposal. We just have to make the effort and do it!

Who is with me?

Introverted essayist and fulltime YouTuber | Dreamer - I am doing it my way and it might take a bit longer. Don't wait up.

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