This moved me. I felt like I was a passenger and felt your pain and longing. What a ride!

You said you meant to find something this year, to have it all figured out? Do you think this was all just a prep for you to do just that?

Extend your journey, work your way up the coast, jump on a plane and spend Christmas in a cabin outside Bar Harbor, Maine and eat lobster instead of ham and turkey.

Invite those of us who live different lives in by taking video and pictures and posting them on instagram. Don't be an influencer, just ask a few choice people to join you in figuring out your place in all this.

Sorry, I am thinking out loud again. That Bar Harbor thing is one of my dreams.

Keep writing. There are a few of us who want to see how far you go, or what place you finally find.

Thanks for inviting me.

Introverted essayist and fulltime YouTuber | Dreamer - I am doing it my way and it might take a bit longer. Don't wait up.

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