The Worst Thing About Being Broke is Waiting for the M1 Mac Mini

Not being able to go out and buy what I need has made it difficult to do anything with video, but I manage anyway

Jason Weiland
5 min readDec 26, 2020


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The first time I read about it, I knew it was what I needed.

An M1 Mac that could handle heavy video editing for $699? Sign me up!

For a long time now, I’ve been trying to develop an idea for a profitable YouTube channel. But, I didn’t want a vlog where I would have to put my face out there and act like I had a personality.

I don’t, and I accept that.

All the solitude in 2020 gave me a lot of time to brainstorm and plan, and I did come up with two great ideas. So in December, I started making videos.

One of the main reasons I didn’t start making videos before was that my laptop didn’t have the graphics processing power to render video.

I let that stop me for a long time. I didn’t have the right equipment, and I couldn’t afford to buy anything better. Even the cheapest PCs that could run a good editing program like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro were entirely out of my limited price range.

The only thing I could do was start to save and put my YouTubing dreams on hold for a while.

At least until I could afford a new computer.

The end of December 2020 came around, and I had still not saved any money, and like everything else I start, I was ready to give up. I didn’t know if I would even be able to afford the tools I needed to do my work.

It’s Time To Get Started

One night, I was at my laptop writing, and the thought occurred to me that I had never even tried to edit and render this new kind of video I wanted to do. My logic in waiting until I could get something better was because I listened to the naysayers on the internet, and I had only ever tried one or two editing suites before.

I knew that I used Windows Movie Maker successfully, but it was not available anymore. Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Divinci Resolve were way more program than my little Dell laptop could handle.



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