That was not my intention writing this essay, and I am sorry that some of you reading this have taken offense. All I wanted to do was highlight that even someone as broken as I was can find love, even when his ideas about women are screwy, and he does not feel attractive or confident.

A lot of people have a wrong idea about the dating sites. I even had a negative feeling going into this whole thing. But, although it doesn't work out for everyone, I found someone to love, and I am grateful that I was able to find my wife through non-traditional means.

Again, I just wanted to share my story, not start a political or cultural argument, but it seems a few will always find fault. I am not blaming anyone for having an opinion about my writing, it is not for everyone, and I agree that women have been on the short end of the stick for too long.

I'll try to be a bit more sensitive next time, and put myself in the shoes of the people who could potentially be hurt by my words.

I apologize if I sounded dismissive or obnoxious, it is not at all who I am. I truly meant it when I said they should write about it, without snark or sarcasm. I would love to read about this issue from the point of view of the women who get involved with these dating sites and mail-order schemes.

Again, to whomever I offended, I am truly sorry.

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