Stop Blogging the Wrong Way

We need to change the way we think about our blogs

Jason Weiland
11 min readJul 11, 2022
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You might think that me telling everyone they need to start blogging differently is insane, especially for those who are making thousands from their blogs every month.

But with the new post-pandemic age, there comes a new way of blogging. And it’s in our best interests to fix the problems of the past before we try to set blogging rules for the future.

Has blogging as usual ever worked, except for selling courses on how to make money blogging? It’s time we thought about the things we are teaching others about the world of blogging before we doom another generation to failure and destitution.

Blogging and Life As We Know It, Has Changed

The pandemic has transformed the world, and from now on, everything will be different.

Do you think concerts and sporting events will be as popular now that we know we can get a virus from being too close to other people? Streamed shows and holograms will replace live concerts, and physical sports will change to something one can do from a safe distance.

Esports online.

Soon, we won’t be waiting in line for a driver's license and business permits — everything will move online…



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