Oh, yes, Irene! I can’t say it’s perfect here, no place is, but I feel safer here than I ever did in America. For example, even if this is a poor country, the entire country shut down because of the pandemic and it saved so many lives. People are still getting sick, but the wearing of masks, social distancing, and the economy switching over to something that is more in line with the new reality of life helped greatly.

I won’t apologize for Duterte, but the good he has done overshadows the things that he did that he will pay for one day. The Philippines is a poor, developing country but the people here help each other without a hint of racism or classism.

I can’t call it paradise, but I am thriving here, and so are most of the other expats I know and even all the Filipino citizens I know and love.

America will heal and be better than it was before with the help of the younger generation. I hope one day I can take my family there and thrive knowing they won’t be touched by the racism and other -isms that are so prevalent today.

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