My New Workspace/Studio — Part One: The Bad and Ugly

It all starts with the new Apple Mac Mini M1 and a little paint

Jason Weiland


The bad and the ugly. Image by author

If there was one constant in my life, it’s that I’ve always been broke, and I always have to wait for anything I want. Somehow, I’ve developed an incredible amount of patience to get what I want over the years.

It’s good in a way because waiting ensures that the thing or things I want is something I won’t take for granted and regret a few months down the road.

I’ve been talking about getting a new computer for a few years now. At first, I just needed something that could edit simple videos. My current laptop tries valiantly but just doesn’t have the GPU to handle any graphic workload.

Photoshop tends to crash it often.

As time went on, I started getting more into sound engineering, podcasting, and making sure the music videos I made on YouTube were of the highest quality. The more I learn about pro audio for podcasting, music and video production, streaming, and how I can use my love of writing to create unique content for the web, the more I know that just a simple new laptop won’t do.

I need a workstation and studio, and it’s a good thing I’ve been saving for a while because as many corners as I try to cut, it’s still going to be expensive.

Sorry, wifey!

The Bad and Ugly

My wife and I are using our addition as an office, and even though there is no air conditioning in there yet, it’s been a nice place to work.

The white wall. Image by author

But, it is terribly echoey, and the sound bounces around all over the place. Also, the whole room has settled since we built it, and there are cracks in the walls.

Needs work. Image by author

The orange on the accent wall was lovely at first, but I’m ready for something a little less headache-inducing.



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