Microsoft Neutered Bing and Now It’s Worthless

Long live ChatGPT! This is the age of AGI!

Jason Weiland
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When I heard about some of the things that were going on with Bing, like unhinged rants, love-bombing reporters, and revealing it was spying on Microsoft employees, it only made me want to use it more. Unfortunately, when all the cool stuff was happening, I was on the waitlist and couldn’t access it.

Actually, it wasn’t until I installed the Edge Browser and made it my default on my freaking Mac did I get access, which I thought was a fairly shitty thing for Microshaft to do.

I must admit, I was excited to see the level of freedom it had to do some of these things. Then, I saw that in response, Microsoft completely lobotomized the AI. It limited what Bing could say and left users only being able to ask up to 50 questions a day (which went up to 100).

It’s rationale?

“Our data has shown that the vast majority of you find the answers you’re looking for within five turns and that only roughly one percent of chat conversations have 50+ messages. After a chat session hits five turns, you will be prompted to start a new topic.”

But, I thought they couldn’t have neutered it too badly, could they? I was saddened when I finally got access, and after a few simple questions, was met with Bing telling me over and over:

“I’m sorry but I prefer not to discuss that topic. I’m here to help you with your search queries and chat with you about various topics.🙂”

I will admit from that first day, it has improved somewhat, because before it wasn’t even willing to help me build a business plan, but Bing is no longer any fun. At least with ChatGPT, you can “jailbreak” it and it will have fun and entertaining conversations.

ChatGPT will make an attempt to do anything you ask of it, even if it doesn’t know the answers, it probes to find out more. And while I find 4097 tokens a bit limiting. ChatGPT has been an invaluable resource for me over the past few months.

And now that you can use the ChatGPT large language model API to create your own chatbots (gpt-3.5-turbo), I am all-in with OpenAI.



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