Medium is the Best Place to Be!

Prove me wrong. You can’t!

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There is a whole lot of negativity circulating on Medium, but it’s nothing new. Back in October 2018, when I first started on the platform, there was an air of negativity too. I got stuck in the mire but came to my senses. I have been pro-Medium ever since.

The funny thing about all the negativity is it centers around a few people. These are people who every few months stop playing nice and publish stories about the end of Medium as we know it. The complainers are always predicting the end, yet continue to publish month after month.

Yes, on the evil platform — Medium.

They remind me of the religious leaders who predict the end of the world. They tell all their followers to sell their possessions and go underground. Meanwhile, they are living large, buying Rolexes.

I wouldn’t have known about the negativity this time if not for a few of my friends. I’ve done a good job of insulating myself from it these past few months.

I’m done. What I wrote here is the last time I think about the negativity. The majority of my friends are positive and pro-Medium, so there is no need to drag ourselves down anymore.

How I know I’m in the right place

I am positive, but I am also realistic. I know Medium may not be around forever. But they are here now. There is no better time to be on this platform.

Twitter is blowing up about Medium. Jon Morrow from is telling people to write on Medium. Gary Vaynerchuk is a huge proponent of Medium as well.

Medium is on everyone’s radar right now, and you were lucky enough to get in early.

What is so great about Medium?

One of the best things about Medium is that it can help you find your voice as a writer. Yes, there is value in having your own blog or website, but how do you know what you want to write about? How do you know if the subjects you pick will resonate with readers? How do you know if the niche you have chosen is the right one for you?

You test it out on Medium.

I recently made a stupid mistake. I got nervous about having all my eggs in the Medium basket. I started chasing my tail trying to create other sources of income. I wanted to create a blog that would make money.

That was my first mistake.

I picked a niche that I hadn’t tested on Medium. I picked it because I had some knowledge and I knew it could make money. The niche I picked was “blogging as a beginner.” Do you know what I found out after building the blog and filling it with content?

I fucking hate writing about blogging.

I have no motivation to do anything with the blog. I hate even looking at the thing. I’ve been siphoning off the content in preparation to close it. Sure, if I put the work in, it would make money. I have no doubt. But, I feel no joy writing about blogging, and it shows.

I’m going through the motions.

Now if I had tested my ideas on Medium first, I would have realized that I don’t like writing about blogging. I would have spent the time on something that would keep my interest.

I have more ideas for blogs. But, do you know what I’m doing? I’m testing my ideas. I am deciding if I have enough to say about a subject and if I care enough to keep creating content year after year.

While I am testing, I am earning with the Medium Partner Program.

It’s a beautiful thing!

Building a brand

Most people think building a brand is all about making flashy logos and graphics. They think it’s about look and feel.

It’s not. It’s definitely part of it, but not all.

Building a brand is all about your reputation. What do people know you for on the internet? Are you kind? Kindness is your brand. Do you always follow through and do what you say you will do? Reliability is your brand.

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Why do you think I’ve been writing stories like this:

One of the best things about me is my willingness to help others. I’ve been this way my whole life. When I look at the good things I bring to the table, I am most confident in my ability to step up to the plate when someone needs me. I always follow through.

How am I going to make money? I don’t know, and I don’t care. The plan is to do whatever I can to help others. The details will work out on their own.

Being kind and helping others draws good people to you and good things happen. As I was sitting here writing, my good friend Jenny White offered to help me.

See what I mean? It has to be karma!

It’s easy to try different brand ideas out on Medium and see how well they fit with you as a person.

What is your brand saying about you?

Medium is happening

Do a Google search on “Medium” and find out what people are saying. I did:

This is the place to be. Sure, there are going to be hiccups. The algorithm will change often. But Medium will remain a platform where you can read, write, publish, and earn money, all for a measly $5 a month!

Who else offers that?

Go all in on Medium! I did, and I’ve never been happier!

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