If I Die, Leave Me in Boracay

It is a heavenly place in the Philippines

Jason Weiland


My heart grew this big!

You truly never know what you are going to think of a place until you actually go. Up until last week, I never thought I would ever go to Boracay, because I heard it is mostly a tourist trap, but my friend and writer Mike Hancock visited from China with his girlfriend, Annie, and they wanted to go.

My wife, Flora, didn’t want to go at first, but I convinced her it would be a good time. Think of it: 3 days alone, without the kids, in a romantic place with great food and fantastic sunsets? What could go wrong?

Well, in fact, a lot could, and did.

A Good Friend

My friend Mike is a teacher in China and a writer on Medium. They finally opened their borders, so he decided to head to the Philippines during the Chinese New Year. He spent a few days with his girlfriend and then they both came over to Iloilo City. We found them one of the few remaining Airbnb’s in the area because the Dinagyang festival was also happening at about the same time.

We never intended to stay in Iloilo City — Boracay was the destination, and I was excited about going because it would be a first for us. I had heard much about the food, beaches, and sunsets and was anxious to finally go there.

Day three in Boracay with its famous sunsets

We arrived in Caticlan on Monday afternoon, to take a boat over to the island proper. It was quite busy, and to get our tickets and actually make the ride over, took an hour. After already driving for 6 hours, I was spent and needed a shower and some food to perk me up.

We stayed at Fairways and Bluewater Resort, which was a fancy place far past station 3. I was pleasantly surprised after arriving — the room and view were so nice, and a hot shower was a luxury that I would take advantage of many times over the next few days.

beautiful place!

After cleaning up, the four of us went to find food and told the taxi driver we…



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