I Froze Last Night in Bed, So I Went Zero-Carbs Today

It always helps to ask people who know what they are talking about

Jason Weiland
6 min readMay 12, 2021


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My lifestyle change has been going smashingly, but there were a few problems I had to address. I didn’t even know where to start until another writer left a comment on my story yesterday, “It’s a Lifestyle Change, Not Another Damn Diet.”

What he told me was nothing new, and I bet you’ve also heard it before. He wrote a book called “BE LEAN!: Revealing the Long-Lost Secrets of Weight Management,” with information that has been around for a long time, and it helped him lose 175 pounds over a few years.

In his article, “What’s Weight Got to Do, Got To Do With It?”, my new friend Steven Anthony outlines why it’s so hard for obese people like me to lose weight.

Let’s see how well I can sum it up?

Your body doesn’t know how much you weigh. All it cares about is energy. When you go on one of those “eat less/move more” diets, your body isn’t aware that you need to lose weight. All it cares about is that you have started eating less and using a lot more energy. So, it starts to slow your metabolism and conserve energy, and even though you are eating fewer calories and working out, your weight loss is likely to slow as well.

Now, I knew all this, but what I didn’t do was connect this information to my issues of being so cold at night and having a lot less energy than I normally have. Over a few weeks, I drastically cut my food intake and increased my movement, and my body gradually shifted into low metabolism mode.

It may have been the reason my weight loss slowed as well.

I thought my lifestyle change had everything dialed in. I was eating less and moving more because I wanted to be healthier and decrease my fatness. I wanted to be comfortable in my body again.

I did a few good things like cut out the sugary drinks and rice, but I was still eating too many carbohydrates and wasn’t getting enough protein and fat. From my days on the Keto diet, I knew your body can effectively live on 0% carbs because it uses fat for energy instead.



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