How to Easily Gain Your First 100 Followers

Stop freaking out, it’s a really easy thing to do

Jason Weiland
5 min readSep 20, 2021


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Back in 2018, when I started publishing on Medium, a writer didn’t need to get 100 followers before they joined the Medium Partner Program. I imagine I would have heard the same complains from my peers back then had it been a requirement.

But I wouldn’t have stressed out.

You see, I learned the secret long ago to gaining followers. But, it is really hard work and that is the problem. What I hear when I see all the complaints from new writers is not “How do I get 100 followers,?” it’s really, “How do I get 100 followers without doing anything because everyone told me I could make money off Medium without doing anything?”

Sorry to pop your bubble, but if you came to Medium hoping you could make a lot of money by not doing anything but posting a few crappy articles, you are about to get a rude awakening.

First, How Do I Get 100 Followers?

Getting your first 100 followers is fairly easy, most people who want to work hard get it done in the first month.

First, make sure your profile is filled out with something interesting about yourself, and have a decent picture. Then, publish your best work. Don’t just copy over a few stories from your blog and hope that Medium will magically make them go viral. Publish the best you can possible create and keep doing that.

Pay attention to spelling, grammar, and formatting.

Now, you look like a writer! Now, if you aren’t already, become a Medium Member. When you become a Medium member, you get a green halo around your picture, and there is no better way to persuade someone to follow you than the knowledge that you are contributing to the money that is paid Medium writers. If you contributed your $5 a month, and your stories pique my interest, I will follow you, because I know you are invested in the platform.

Plus, when you pay for membership, you can read unlimited stories from other writers, which is the basis for the next step.

You have to engage. Read the work of other writers. Clap and comment, either telling them you enjoyed their work, or contributing to…



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