How I Stopped Letting My Facebook Feed Give Me Anxiety

Sometimes you have to close all your social media completely

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“No more Facebook tonight. I’ve had my fill of Trump and his cult. I just cannot understand how they get away with so much! They are so depraved and immoral!

I was in the grocery store today and saw a group of people looking at a phone and laughing. They were watching Trump. He and his Republican cronies have made America a laughingstock.

I just can’t…”

After I hit “Post,” I maneuvered my mouse pointer to the little X on the Facebook tab in my Chrome browser and closed it for the night. After a day of nonstop Trump, my anxiety had taken over along with my outrage.

My liberal sensibilities had suffered that day right next to my poor mental health, and I needed time away from the rollercoaster to decompress and refocus on my writing and the things that were important to me.

Politics used to have a much worse effect on me. Several years ago, I even had to close Facebook and all my other social media because my outrage was aggravating my psychosis, and my hallucinations were getting worse.

But I slowly came back to myself and was able to digest politics a little at a time without causing too much distress. I am somewhat of a web activist now when it comes to promoting liberal ideas, and I only get anxiety on particularly heavy news days.

I have a little trick I always do when I am feeling stress. When I feel like I can’t take anymore and the world is too much for me, I do something that so many other people should be doing but don’t.

I stop looking at social media.

Why Don’t People Stop Scrolling?

Why does something so simple seem to be so hard for everyone to do? I am not the only person on Facebook to complain they are going insane from the constant shitstorm that is the media.

It seems so obvious that we should stop looking at social media if we have stress, so why don’t we do it? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone way past my bullshit barrier and spiraled down into panic and depression because of what is happening on the news.

Those of us with mental issues and a sensitive nature have to guard against how much bad news we absorb because, like a sponge, we become saturated and start to drip angst and anger on anyone who happens to be near us.

But we don’t usually see it until it’s too late, because we are mesmerized by the freak show on the news.

For Goodness Sake, Stop Looking at Facebook!

I guess I’ve become more aware of my bullshit limit, because for a while now when I can’t stand it anymore, I just close out of social media and do something else. I write, read good news on Medium, game, research, play with my kids, or talk to my wife — anything except put myself on an endless scroll of insanity.

It seems silly I never did it before.

It would be hard for me to go through my feeds and remove anything political. I like knowing what is going on and creating awareness by sharing memes, news articles, and my thoughts and opinions about what is happening in the world today.

Being in the Philippines and away from where I could physically make a difference, I have to rely on my connection to the internet and social media to satisfy my need to help. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s enough for me right now.

Being somewhat removed from the epicenter also helps me keep myself from being too overwhelmed by everything. If it gets to be too much for me, I can walk away for a while, and the shitshow will still be there waiting for me when I feel better.

So if the news cycle gets to be too much for you, and you don’t know how much more you can take before you go completely insane, just close your social media and turn off the tv. Do something productive and uplifting and get your mind out of the rat’s nest that is politics today.

A mind can’t live on a constant diet of negativity, so remove yourself from the mud and take your mind out for a dinner of positivity and fun. Show it a good time and help it to remember what it is like not always to be outraged and angry.

Our minds need a break sometimes.

That is how you stop letting Facebook give you anxiety.

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