How Can a 52-Year-Old Gen Xer Be a Gaming Noob?

You may be thinking that I am a total loser

Who has never played a game?

Well, I have played games, it’s just been a while.

I was introduced to gaming by my good friend Paul, around the early 90s. I lived in Phoenix, Arizona, and I had just bought my first PC. I wanted it for school, but I also found I loved staying up all night and chatting on Prodigy and AOL.

My Packard Bell had come with an 800 baud modem, which was excellent for chatting, but one day Paul called me (when the phone line was open) and asked if I had ever played Duke Nukem over the modem.

I said I had not, but was willing to try.

We loaded the game from floppy disks, and he somehow helped me figure out how to connect to his computer with the modem.

And even though it was a laggy experience until I upgraded to a 14400 modem, we managed to play almost every day. There came other games, like Doom and Doom 2, and later Diablo, which soon became my favorite.

The years passed and I kept getting better computers, although I had to learn to build them because I couldn’t afford to buy new ones and most of the time I had to be happy with everyone’s used parts.

I spent hours, days, and weeks figuring out the secrets of Diablo 2, and admit I was utterly obsessed with the game. The online play through was impressive, even with all the cheaters and player-killers.

I also played Minecraft after it’s release.

But then life happened, and I didn’t get to play games for quite some time.

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The Consoles

When my boys were still tiny, I bought them a Super NES, and I couldn’t let them have it until I tried it out, could I? It came with one of the Final Fantasy games, and I also became obsessed with playing for the RPG feel.

I finally gave the kids their present after I beat the game.

Later there would be GameCubes, PlayStations, and Xboxes, and whenever I had a little time, I played with the kids.

They always beat me soundly, but I enjoyed it, especially later when they showed me Halo and Call of Duty.

Time passed, and I even had my own Xbox, but the only game I liked was Left for Dead, and I usually wasted a few hours a week killing zombies.

More life happened.

I loved both the PC games and the Consoles, but the last time I touched a game was Diablo 3, on my son’s computer, nine years ago.

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Life Changes

I moved my life to the Philippines, and the only computer I owned was a laptop. I didn’t have anything to play PC or console games on, and I missed them.

I noticed my daughter playing Minecraft on my phone one day and tried it out. It was amazing that so much gameplay could happen on such a small package.

That game created a spark, and I’ve now become obsessed with playing more games.

You’ve probably guessed I become obsessed easily.

I want to play some of the newer PC games like Dota2, League of Legends, Overwatch, Call of Duty, and maybe something with zombies, but I know I have to have a reasonably fast computer with a good video card.

My laptop is an I7, but I can’t even run small games on it without it heating up.

So I decided I am going to build a killer gaming PC. I don’t have a lot of money, so I’ve figured out that I can get better value if I put it together myself. I’ve built PCs before, and I made a quick trip around YouTube and watched a few tutorials.

From what I see, it is so much easier to build a computer now than when I was doing it those years ago. It’s like Legos, for adults.

The PC I am building will be mid-range; not an enthusiast gaming rig, but enough that I can play in 1080P at a reasonable frame rate.

The basic specs are :

  • Ryzen 5 3600
  • 8gb GPU, Radeon I think
  • 16gb 3600 Mhz RAM
  • M.2 SSD
  • 144 Mhz IPS monitor with FreeSync
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I am always looking for new content, so I am also going to film the whole building circus. There will be nothing funnier than seeing me lose my mind when I can’t figure out how to plug the fans on the motherboard.

I am sure the first games I will have to play is Diablo 3 and Left for Dead, to get the juices flowing again. Then I have to play Minecraft with my daughter.

After that, I am open.

I am looking forward to gaming again because lately, I’ve been working so hard that I have little time to decompress. I can think of nothing finer than shooting a few zombies in the head or immersing myself in a good RPG

I’ll keep you posted.

What games would be suitable for a washed-up, 52-year-old wannabe gamer?

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