Hi, Benny. Your comment came as a notification in my email, and after reading it, I had to come over to Medium and respond.

You asked in such a sincere manner, I had to answer.

Why do I say famous?

I guess the biggest part is the money. I am 51, working on my second family, and trying to work my way out of a life of severe mental illness. I live on benefits that only go so far, even here in the Philippines. I guess I feel like being famous would help me get out of this money slog.

I am working so hard trying to replace the benefits, even if I do need them since I can’t hold a job. I know I can build my writing career into something that could support my family and me and maybe someone who was in more of a desperate need than I could have them.

Another part of me that has an ego left likes the idea of being well-known because for most of my life, except for my illness, I was unremarkable. I feel like I’ve changed now, and I would like people to know me for something other than my sick brain.

Anyway, I don’t know if any of that made sense. I hope so.

Thank you for the great comment!

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