Hi, Alan. I know what you mean about trends. I am almost 52, and I tire of every new bell and whistle.

As far as Medium, it depends on what you want to do. If you just want to write and publish, without distraction, and earn a little money, or even just want people to read your work without the hassle, Medium is for you.

If you want to go further, and do affiliate marketing, sell your own products, and you like the process of caring for a blog like I do, I would say that you should have a blog.

Since I wrote this article, things have changed. I opened my blog again, but now I am doing more with it. I find I missed blogging and love all the processes, SEO practices, plugins, and things like that. I write about blogging, one of my passions, instead of just using the blog as a brain dump.

Things are taking off for me, and I find the way the blog and Medium complement each other is Amazing! I publish on my blog first and then on Medium, set the canonical link, and wait for the link-juice to flow into my blog. It’s great.

IF you are an author, and a writer, and don’t want to mess around with everything that goes with the title “blogger,” I would say just focus on Medium.

I guess I need to write a new article about all of this?

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