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Jason Weiland
4 min readFeb 10, 2024
Image by author — The Weiland Family

I want to tell the story of a deserving family who wants to start a business that will change their life.


It started with me back in 2011. I’d spent the better part of my life suffering with a severe mental illness. I’d lost everything: my family, my job, my respect. After years of struggling, I met a woman on the internet, and we quickly fell in love. The only problem was, that she lived in the Philippines. I did the only thing I could and packed up my life and moved to the Philippines.

All I had to my name was a suitcase and laptop, and my meager social security check for being disabled. The laptop was a help because I could make a little extra money as a freelance ghostwriter and I published my work online. But the mental illness I tried so hard to shake followed me and in 2015 I tried to take my own life.

I survived by some chance and decided it was time to change the way I lived my life, and over the next 5 years, I worked on improving myself and learning to live and succeed with a mental illness. All this time, my wife Flora stood by my side and supported me in everything I did.

By 2022, we had a precocious daughter and an autistic toddler. I had recovered to the point where I was writing and going to school full-time. But the quiet life would be interrupted when I had a heart attack. I needed angioplasty and a stent to fix the SCAD (ruptured artery) and the cost put us in a hole so deep, we couldn’t climb out.

We set about the next year to pay the loans back as I worked to get my degree. During this time, Flora worked as an Amazon VA, helping business owners to find products to sell online. We then came up with the idea that we wanted our own Amazon FBA business and we wanted to set up another where we would train and provide help to online sellers with professional help in the form of VAs from the Philippines.

We personally knew many very capable people who needed jobs that were college graduates and had skills that could help businesses abroad.

As I recovered, we realized our goal of having a business that could provide for our needs was facing a few roadblocks. One was money to start, and another was that one of us needed to be in the United States.

In February of 2024, I made the trip to the States, leaving Flora and the kids behind to set up the Philippines portion of this business idea. Now, all we need is money to get started as we still survive on Social Security.

We want a business because it is the best path to success for us as a family, and Flora and I have the skills, experience, and motivation to turn this idea into a successful venture.

We just need your help.

We have everything we need to get started except the money for start-up costs, travel, cost of training VAs, and products to fund our own FBA business, which will run alongside the VA business to provide ongoing injections of cash and resources.

We have a business plan that we would be willing to send anyone who wants to see it and donate to our cause. We have given this plan years of thought and planning and are poised to make this business a financial success.

We will not throw this money away. Every cent has a purpose and we have a concrete plan to go from zero to profit within the next year. Just know that the profits from this business will go towards helping us get out of debt and providing for our family in the coming years.

You might ask why I don’t get loans. I did try that route, but due to my illness and heart attack, my credit score is not good enough to get any kind of loan that could help. I’ve used GoFundMe before when I had my heart attack and found it to be a great platform full of people willing to help a family in need.

We have a need now, but are only asking the public so we can eventually stand on our own two feet and find the business success that we feel so lucky to have in our family life.

So, can you help?



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