Have You Thought About Making Money Selling T-Shirts Online?

You will be surprised how much you can make

Jason Weiland


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How would you like to make $100,000 in just five months selling t-shirts online? Benny Hsu did it and there is a chance you can too. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy at all, but hey, it’s 100K!

How would you also like to have a business where you can have fun? Making people happy with your t-shirt designs is a blast! How about working part-time from anywhere in the world? Once you get your store set up, you can.

The first thing you will probably ask is, “if this business is so great, why isn’t he doing it?” It’s a valid question for which I have an easy answer.

I am a writer. I love to write. Writing, taking care of the business of writing, and building a brand takes all the little bit of time I have.

I came up with an idea for a dropshipping business selling t-shirts with a “beard culture” theme called Remarkable Gentleman. I set it up and made a few sales to see if it was a valid idea and I could build a story around it.

It was and I could.

Source: Remarkable Gentleman. Image by the author.

I still run it in the background, but I’m not pushing it. Writing takes most of my time, but when things settle a bit, I’m going to put up a few more designs, run some Facebook ads, and make some profit.

This business will be good for you if you have about 20 hours a week to spare. I set it up already once, and since I am a writer, I documented the whole creation process so I could share it in the future.

I bet you can’t wait! Let’s get started.

Getting set up

There are some important things you should do in the beginning, like getting a business entity set up and choosing a business name, but we won’t talk about that here because the subject is covered in detail plenty of places on the web and all you have to do is Google it.

There are a few things I can help you with though.

Pick a niche



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