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  • Julia Marsiglio

    Julia Marsiglio

    I answer rhetorical questions. Intersectional feminism. Neurodivergence. Trauma. Grief. Canada things. A smattering of poetry and fiction.

  • Stewart Wolfe

    Stewart Wolfe

    Stewart is a learning leader with 15 years experience in customer education with fast-growing, consumer brands from craft beer to fast food to 5G phones.

  • Michael Pusateri

    Michael Pusateri

    Evil Corporate Exec, previously Technology Ronin & Man of Leisure

  • Dmitry Yarygin

    Dmitry Yarygin

    Nomad lifestyle writer. Passionate about breaking software— QA Engineer. My Travel & Tech YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/nomadicdmitry

  • Andrew D Ellis

    Andrew D Ellis

    Founder of ThinkingLonger.com, Investing Strategist

  • Kamila Raimondi

    Kamila Raimondi

    Kamila is a music producer (see KAMILITA), explorer, writer, van-lifer and half-Brazilian chick surfing the big, wild wave of life. IG: @battle_angel_k

  • Kasey Van Draven

    Kasey Van Draven

    Writer, Thinker, Eater. Personal interests include Current Events, Business, Public Health, Film, and Fiction. Keanu Reeves is my hero. Nice to meet you :-)

  • Amy Sterling Casil

    Amy Sterling Casil

    According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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