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Change Your Mind Like You Change Your Underwear

Because who doesn’t like both a fresh perspective and fresh panties?

Asking how often you change your underwear may be a bit weird and even a little too personal, but I have yet to earn the title of The Count of Cringe, and 2019 is ending soon. If you want to know, I change my shorts every day unless there is an emergency of some sort, and they are no longer useful — then it’s on an as-needed basis.

My wife, on the other hand, has issues with germs and changes hers up to three times a day. To her, clean panties are crucial. Nothing is more important than getting rid of the dirty laundry.

Why are we discussing the state of our unmentionables? Think about this differently. Change underwear to mind, and we have something rather interesting.

I do have an open mind, but I am set in my ways, so for me to change my mind I would have to find something that I believe not to be useful anymore. Or the idea or belief would have to become toxic and hurtful. What if I am faced with facts that contradict my beliefs, or new information discovered that makes my old beliefs obsolete? I will change my mind without complaint.

I am not like many these days who never change their minds. They hold on to their beliefs no matter how much evidence there is to disprove what they believe. Trump supporters come to mind. They can hear every dirty-dealing, pussy-grabbing, child-caging, bald-faced lie from him, and still, believe God chose him to be President. This example is the same as getting caught on Saturday with underwear that says Monday, and denying your undergarments are dirty.

Or, you can be like my wife and change your mind (and underwear) too much. The only thing this assures you is a huge pile of dirty laundry to wash at the end of the week.

But, how much is too much, or too little?

The Art of Changing Your Mind

When you talk about how often you should change your mind, there is a whole lot of leeway between closed and open-minded. You ideally want to fall somewhere in the middle, but anywhere is okay as long as you don’t stop at either end.

When it comes to changing your mind, you should only do so under these circumstances:

  • When faced with new or existing facts that contradict what you believe, or you’ve had a breakthrough of your own that changes your perception of right and wrong.
  • When you can provide an air-tight reason for the change.

Think of the feeling you get in your stomach when someone says “I changed my mind.” But, on the other end of the spectrum, also think how you feel when someone says “You will never change my mind!” It’s not the change that is bothersome, but the frequency. Too much is bad, as is too little.

As with a lot of things, moderation is important, but also flexibility. When it comes to changing your mind, landing somewhere in the middle should be your goal.

Also, if you are going to embrace your own changes, you should be willing and able to accept the changes in others. Don’t frown when someone flip-flops because you are thinking of the work involved on your end to comply with their wishes. Put yourself in their shoes and look at the belief through their eyes and way of thinking.

If everyone had even a small amount of empathy, we could accept change in others without complaint.

Life is about constant change. As the seasons come and go, the world around us is adapting. Nature is flexible, just as we should be. If we think changing our minds is like changing our underwear, remember not to change too much or too little. Only change when your beliefs or your underwear are no longer useful or have become odious. You don’t want to be keeping stinky ideas or panties around for very long if you don’t have to.

Don’t be close-minded and stubborn, but also don’t rush to the other extreme and change when the wind blows. It’s not always the best idea to ride the fence — when it comes to changing your mind, somewhere in the middle is best.

In this age of fake news and toxic beliefs, it’s better to stay open-minded and willing to change your mind if you find facts that contradict your own than to be petty and ignorant.

Change your mind (and your underwear) often.

Writer | Essayist | Video Content Creator | Future member of the two-comma club | Dreamer - I am doing it my way and it might take a bit longer. Don't wait up.

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