Writer, Creator, Ideator – I do it all. A quirky multipotentialite - I explore new things every day, which has made me quite the renaissance man when it comes to the focus I can put to bear in my writing.

While I do mostly focus on writing about blogging and building blogs and websites, I am known for talking about my personal experiences with poor mental health and living with the fallout from that.

At 53 years old, you would think I would be worried more about retiring than what my next career move is, but I'm not. I am a juggler with so many balls in the air that I lost count. I am prolific, have incredible motivation to succeed, and love what I do.

My latest project is Phreedom Retreats, LLC. Imagine, 9 days exploring the little-known areas of the Philippines and you can imagine what a Phreedom Retreats tour is like. Interested? - PhreedomRetreats.com.

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