A YouTube Channel for the Rest of Us

Can an introvert be a vlogger?

When you look at influencers on Instagram and YouTube, what do you see? I see beautiful people, with beautiful bodies, living lives that most only dream of living. They stay in the best hotels, eat the best food, and never, ever have a bad hair day.

My life is a bad hair day.

I’ve been thinking for the past few months that I want to start another YouTube channel. I have no illusions that I will be a star, or that my videos will go viral. But, I have things to say. And even though the introverted part of me is screaming in fear, I want to share my journey with the world.

I’m not beautiful. I’m over 50. I have bad teeth. I’m losing my hair at an ever-increasing rate, and my midsection is swelling. Sometimes I disappear for weeks because my illness takes over my life.

My lifestyle is simple. You could not say that I live large. I don’t buy fancy things. I’m a minimalist. I don’t stay in 5-star hotels when I go on vacation. I prefer to save money.

I don’t have all the things that the YouTube stars have, and I wonder if there is an interest in seeing that? Would anyone watch? Could I keep up with a channel with my already busy schedule?

I’d like to find out.

Doing research

Yesterday, the wife and I were talking about taking a trip to Boracay Island, here in the Philippines. I’ve lived in the Philippines for almost eight years and have never been to the most famous destination in the country. It is only on the other side of my island — Panay.

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In the end, we decided to put the trip off until Christmas. Flora will be in her 7th month next month and the travel may be too much for her. We need to save the money anyway, so we decided to put it off.

I still got a chance to do some research about the island on YouTube. There were a lot of videos by foreigners who have recently been to Boracay (it just reopened again).

My goodness! These are some beautiful people! Video after video of Instagrammable young people doing Instagrammable things. They all have drones! They all walk around with a camera in their face at all times. Everything they do it newsworthy. People know them from the internet!

There is nothing about those videos that I could reproduce. Is this truly what people want to see?

What about a new kind of channel?

Do you think people want something different? Or is the vlogger lifestyle so attractive that people want to live it vicariously?

What about something closer to reality? What about an introverted, balding writer who talks about living life honestly in the real world? I do live in an exotic location that many people have never experienced, so I do have that going for me. A lot is going on in my life.

Reality shows used to be popular, but how much reality do people want to see?

I’ve struggled with this on all my social media channels. On Instagram, I like to post snapshots of my life and real selfies that don’t look like they are from a studio.

I don’t get much response — so that either means that I am not trying hard enough to reach my audience, or people just don’t care.

Be honest. Which one do you think it is?

What would it be like to live in a YouTube channel?

I have to think about what I would be getting myself and my family into. I’m a private kind of person, but I am no stranger to speaking in front of a camera. I did vlogs on LinkedIn about my life with mental illness. I was able to talk about tough subjects without any problem.

Even though I’m private, I have no problem sharing my life in my writing. How would that translate over to video? Could I produce interesting content that would get subscribers?

The biggest question is would I stick with it? Except writing, I am not known for my follow-through. I start projects very excited but lose interest when I realize it’s not as much fun as it looks.

Can I stick to it for the long run?

It seems when I figure one thing out, ten more questions come up. I’ve been thinking about this for some time, and I am wondering if I just need to commit and get started.

Starting is better than ruminating.

Have you ever thought about starting a YouTube channel? Do you have any advice for me?

Let’s talk in the comments.

Writer | Essayist | Video Content Creator | Future member of the two-comma club | Dreamer - I am doing it my way and it might take a bit longer. Don't wait up.

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