Writer and ideator. Advocate and activist. Mental health and cannabis.

And I am getting ready to change my path again

Photo by Jerry Wang on Unsplash

It was inevitable, it seems, that I would start second-guessing my decision to break into data analytics. It took longer than I thought but I was not thinking of myself when I made the final decision.

You see, if I continue to explore data science, or even frontend development (which…

Join me, if you will, on a journey to the early days of the web, where blogging ideas were new, and building websites was fun.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Back in the dark web ages, sometime around early 1998, I was a total newb. I graduated from art school, having learned nothing of 3D modeling and animation, but had somehow taught myself HTML and Photoshop. A year before, I bought an HTML version 3.2 …

I’m not saying that life is like a card game, but now is not the time to fold

Photo by Radu Florin from Pexels

The future looks bleak right now. Didn’t I just hear there is a new COVID variant, Omicron, on the loose and predicted to be in a town near me? Didn’t everyone just quit their jobs because they were tired of being treated like cattle by employers? Doesn’t everyone feel like…

Jason Weiland

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