6 Ways to Boost Immunity and Help Prepare Your Body to Beat the Coronavirus (if you get it)

Because there are things you can do to give yourself a fighting chance against Covid-19

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Have you noticed that many are now looking for ways to boost their immune systems, so they have a fighting chance of getting through the next few months?

As hard as we try not to, we could still contract Covid-19, and then it would be up to our body to battle the virus alone.

What can we do to make sure our body and immune system are up to the challenge of, first, staying away from the virus, and if that doesn’t work, helping out the chances of beating the illness that could ravage our body?

It turns out it’s not much different than what we need to do when there isn’t a virus going around.

1. Exercise

I know everyone knows the importance of exercise, right? To keep our bodies in tip-top condition, we have to work them out regularly.

Before the quarantine, I used to like to walk. I would walk about 5 kilometers a day, split between morning and evening. But, now that I am confined to my house, I’ve turned to the internet and found both a body-weight exercise regimen and a yoga routine.

I push myself as hard as I can, within reason, to get the most benefit. But, I also believe in moderation because extreme exertion over a long period can damage our hearts.

I do the body-weight exercises to tighten my muscles and stretch them because I sit for very long periods every day writing and creating, and too much sitting can be harmful, especially if a person has a condition like obesity or high blood pressure.

2. Rest and Relaxation

Getting the proper amount of sleep every night is of supreme importance.

“Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety.” — NIH.org

But sleep is not the only thing you need to do to stay healthy a boost your immune system. You must also get an adequate amount of relaxation.

Research clearly shows that relaxation must be a priority, especially nowadays, with all the stress and strain from worrying about what is happening in the world today.

A stressed body is not a healthy body.

Dr. Allan Schwartz says that we should use relaxation techniques like deep breathing, muscle tension reduction, and meditation or visualization. Other activities like reading and writing in a journal are “extremely helpful in bringing about a state of true inner calmness.”

3. Drink Water

We know that our body needs water to survive — anyone who has gone thirsty for very long can tell you how important water is, but there are other benefits as well. Research shows that drinking more water can help you control calorie intake and lose excess weight.

Drinking adequate water also helps us get rid of excess sugar and uric acid, and is key if you have a sugar-heavy diet.

As someone who takes a lot of medication, I also know that drinking plenty of water will help flush our system of unwanted chemicals and impurities.

4. Eat Healthy Food

The surest way to a healthy body and immunity is eating food with the right kind of nutrients and vitamins that our body needs to perform at it’s best and fight viruses and infection.

You need nutrition from vegetables, quality sources of protein, and good fats.

The problem comes when you abuse food instead of using it in moderation. Try eating smaller portions of vitamin-dense foods, followed by plenty of clean, fresh water. Avoid eating processed food and food treated with too many chemicals and pesticides.

Organic is the way to go.

Living healthy requires us to give our bodies the right kind of fuel. Eating the wrong kind of food is like putting diesel in a gas-burning car.

5. Live Clean

Instead of saying what you absolutely can’t do like smoking cannabis, drinking alcohol, eating sugary foods, and enjoying the “finer things” in life, a good way to look at it is that anything that is not done in moderation is harmful. Even drinking too much water is bad for you.

Try to live as cleanly as possible, even making sure your skin is washed and moisturized. Brush your teeth, wear a mask if you have to go out, wash your hands all the time, avoid chemicals, don’t abuse medications, and don’t eat processed food.

Clean living means you are clean inside and out.

6. Be Positive

Some stress is normal. It is just our body’s natural response to stimuli. But extreme stress, like we have been living with since the Coronavirus arrived, is dangerous.

Trying to be positive helps alleviate stress and conflicting emotions. It’s shown that stopping our negative self-talk and being a more positive person can reduce stress and help us live a healthier life.

Before the virus, according to The American Institute of Stress:

  • About 33% of people report feeling extreme stress
  • 77% of people experience stress that affects their physical health
  • 73% of people have stress that impacts their mental health

“…if stress levels stay elevated far longer than is necessary for survival; it can take a toll on your health. Chronic stress can cause a variety of symptoms and affect your overall well-being.” — Stress.org

Can you imagine what the stress numbers are like now?

But, this doesn’t mean you have to walk around with an idiot grin and be the Pollyanna everyone loves to hate. Thinking more positive and smiling more has health benefits like an increased life span and better psychological and physical well-being.

An isn’t that what we all want in the first place?

The Takeaway

We all want to live long and happy lives, but the arrival of Covid-19 has made us question our health and the state of our immune systems.

If we do these six things we just discussed, we can be healthy and live a long and amazing life doing everything that fills us with joy and happiness.

As different as the world is bound to be when the dust settles, we all want to see what happens next. Do whatever you can right now to increase your chances of not getting, or recovering from the Coronavirus quickly.

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