27 Types of Stories You Can Publish on Medium

Because sometimes we run out of ideas

Are you running out of ideas about what to write on Medium?

Hey, it happens.

That is why I decided to scour the web and find 27 different post types that will work on Medium. Some of these I have already tried and some of them I haven’t.

Do me a favor, let me know which work best for you.

  1. Pick of the week — Pick anything — a topic, item, book, or person. Then write about how you liked it or how it affected you. Maybe someone else can benefit from your perspective or experience.
  2. Refurbished story/Follow up — Take a story from when you first started writing on Medium (or even from a blog), remodel it, and republish. Let’s see how well it performs now.
  3. Response — Did a story have an impact on you or did someone leave a rude comment? Write a response and tell the world how you feel!
  4. Writer/author showcase — Feature a writer from Medium that you like and read — get other people to clap for them.
  5. Image dump — Did you go on vacation recently or do something fun that you documented? Post all your photos and comment on each.
  6. Best of/Top — Be like Letterman and do a top 10. Or, make a list of things. Listicles work, even if you dislike them.
  7. Your favorite cause/issue — Is there a cause or charity that needs the spotlight? Are you trying to get support for a GoFundMe? Write about it!
  8. Manifestos/Rants — I’ve done a few of these. Be careful. People don’t like being preached to at all. I’ve made this mistake and got some flak. Be careful!
  9. In-depth answers — There is a reason that Quora.com does so well. People love having their questions answered in-depth.
  10. Projects/Goals — Are you working on a weight-loss goal? Are you writing 30 posts in 30 days? Invite your readers to join you. Turn it into a publication or series!
  11. Memes/Cartoons — Do you draw or sketch? Did you find a great cartoon on Facebook? Write about it!
  12. Infographics — There are a wealth of great infographics on any subject that are free to share and could be the center of a story for you.
  13. Humor — You might think you can’t write comedy, but we are all funny in our own way. Most of the humor I’ve written didn’t start as funny.
  14. Behind the scenes — We all know that these work. Have you written about your earnings on Medium or your writing process? Share it with everyone.
  15. Progress/Update — Catch everyone up on how you are doing on a goal.
  16. Interview — Interview another writer. Maybe this will be the stepping stone you need to start podcasting.
  17. Panels — Get ten writers together and ask them all the same question. Then publish the results. I love reading this kind of post!
  18. Resource sharing — Make a list of all the tools or apps you use. Make sure you use links. One day, Medium may allow us to link affiliate products and this could be a great start.
  19. Beginner guides — Everyone has to start somewhere. Help them out by writing about how you did it successfully.
  20. Reviews — Everyone loves books! Did you just read a good one? Write a review. How about movies, websites, or food?
  21. Case studies — These tend to be longer and more involved but work very well. Pick a subject and take a deep-dive into the material.
  22. Life lessons — This is one of the most popular tags on Medium! See if you can become a top writer by writing your own experience.
  23. Predictions — In this time of political upheaval, make a prediction about something. What about an event?
  24. Current events — Be a journalist and share the latest news with your writer friends on Medium.
  25. How to — These are great for getting fans! Everyone wants to know how to do stuff step-by-step. Help them out!
  26. Personal stories — This is my favorite! If you are anything like me, you will never run out of material. I can sit and think of 20 or 30 topics just off the top of my head.
  27. Listicles — These are the stories that people love to hate. These do work, so try a few out for size!

There are, of course, more things you can write about if you put your mind to it and think. Take a spin around your timeline and see what everyone else is writing. It’s not stealing if you put your own spin on it.

Good luck and let me know how you do!

Writer | Essayist | Video Content Creator | Future member of the two-comma club | Dreamer - I am doing it my way and it might take a bit longer. Don't wait up.

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